26 - 27 March, 2019 | Royce Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Yee Jien

Senior Associate
John Wardle Architects

5:00 PM Considering New Partners to Grow and Develop Your Student Accommodation

The relationship with private construction and architectural companies, and even investment firms, are important to understand and consider for the future growth of Australian universities. Discuss how our current universities should know if working with third-party providers is the path for them?


11:10 AM Panel Discussion: A Cost-Benefit Analysis on Student Accommodation: The Question of Quality, Cost and Convenience

Modular construction has become a well-known choice for university campuses worldwide. With modular buildings constructed off-site, they see 60-90% of construction complete within a factory. This mitigates weather delays, clean-up time and construction set-up. Because of this, most schools of thought find it convenient for companies needing to build large structures in a time sensitive environment.

Listen to this expert panel as they discuss their experiences with modular and prefabricated structures, with a cost-benefit analysis on ways your business can save time and money through this construction process. 


Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Yee.

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