27 - 28 March, 2018 | Royce Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Wayne Ford

Senior Consultant

7:00 AM Tuesday 27th March: Developing a Strategic Master Plan to Control Accommodation Affordability and Maintain Long Term Service

Developing a Master Plan or Accommodation Action Plan is becoming an essential part of recognising areas for investment and growth with your development projects. Identifying the strategic drivers for infrastructure, design, facilities and student experience will help to combat the constraints on affordability and maintaining long term service. This workshop will help you to develop a richer understanding for how to strategically refresh your current plan or create a new business approach to student accommodation development.

What will the workshop cover?

  • Identifying the building design and what type of build will best meet goals and expectations for combatting challenges around pricing
  • Developing a strategic asset management plan to extend the life cycle of the building
  • Enhancing your focus on sustainability and how this can ensure long term life cycle and cost of facilities and utilities
  • Future innovation: How you can effectively repurpose or renovate existing spaces to meet changing future demand and maintain long term life cycle


10:30 AM EXPERT PANEL DISCUSSION: Innovation of Student Accommodation through Shifting Your Focus to Sustainable Practices and Facilities

Smart and sustainable buildings have not only proven to attract students and create a vibrant atmosphere, but also achieve significant operational cost savings. The South Australian Waymouth Street project adopts exemplar energy efficient design, resulting in a minimum 25 per cent improvement on energy efficiency and significant building’s carbon intensity. While this is just one example in the industry, developers and universities alike should be adopting better strategies, whether it be considering external design or internal technological systems that enable this efficiency. This panel discussion will explore:

  • Enhancing your green star rating and how this can influence the future building of more sustainable facilities in your accommodation
  • Open-plan socialising spaces: Identifying multibedroom, shared living, dormitory style accommodation and how different styles of living can still achieve sustainable results
  • How to determine which tools and technologies can help you find the balance between an innovative and energy efficient living space

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Wayne.

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