27 - 28 March, 2018 | Royce Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Micheal Rengers

Associate Director, Campus Life (Accommodation)
University of Auckland

7:00 AM Wednesday 28th March: Maintaining Excellence in Project Delivery: Effectively Planning Long-Term Strategies and Delivery Stages in Student Accommodation Development

To maintain excellence in the process of planning and delivering a new development,many universities seek partnerships and agreements to deliver, own and operate accommodation. Development partners Cedar-Pacific (and UniLodge) will participate in this workshop.

Adopting partnership models and arrangements can help reap financial and operational success for both the University and private provider. As the University of Auckland have adopted such means, the university has been able to set a long-term goal for 2026, including the completion of the largest catered school leaver hall with 786 beds by 2020. This workshop will focus on developing project excellence through the development by maintaining long-term relationships and partnerships to enable a long term vision for your student accommodation development.

What will the workshop cover?

  • Create a plan to outline the stages of involvement for stakeholders to minimise development time plan and ensure cost efficiency of the project
  • Developing effective communication to best handle conflict of interest between stakeholders in regards to design and development requirements
  • Learn the importance of understanding environmental, sustainable and safety requirements built in to accommodate the needs and expectations of students
  • Involving current residents in thinki9ng about the next generation design
  • Ensuring quality standards with external providers
  • Post-project analysis: How to ensure your design continues to grow along with student demands in the future


9:50 AM CASE STUDY: The University of Auckland Development Plan: Accommodating 7500 students by 2026 Through Partnerships and Long-Term Leasing

The University of Auckland currently manages 3300 beds of student accommodation, which in itself has doubled in capacity since 2010. By 2026, the University is planning to achieve a target of 7500 beds. To meet this target will require partnerships and long-term leasing agreements in addition to self-build. There are already 1000 additional beds being developed leaving 3500 non-catered accommodation left to go. Partnering early in the conceptual stages and establishing long-term partnerships are essential to University of Auckland’s goals budgeted capacity of 98%. In this session, Micheal will discuss the University’s plan to tackle affordability, meet their development goals and how to build support with developers and contractors to meet future requirement.

  • Tackling the student accommodation affordability challenge through adopting new generation shared spaces
  • Partnering with external developer to meet both number and quality targets
  • Partnering early in the design process vs leasing completed accommodation: How this strategy is helping University of Auckland’s future vision of 7500
  • Waiparuru Hall, currently under construction will be New Zealand’s largest catered accommodation: Going forward with next generation catered accommodation

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Micheal.

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