26 - 27 March, 2019 | Royce Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Cathy Deino Blake

Director of Campus Planning and Design
Stanford University

11:30 AM Integrating Student Accommodation into Your Campus Master Plan

Learning to incorporate your student accommodation program into your campus masterplan will assist your university in providing a safe and enriching environment for its students. Doing this will also give student accommodation providers ideas for what they should consider to provide a fully integrated living and learning experience. Stanford is currently in the process of rethinking the role of housing in the education of its students and will share some ideas currently under consideration.

In this interactive workshop, learn in-depth ways to incorporate student accommodation into your planning processes.

  • Understand the process of including student accommodation into your master plan: the process of market research, a facilities assessment and financial modelling 
  • Learn the procedures for developing a housing program to understand your long term goals
  • Why future planning leads to future proofing in the realm of student accommodation


9:20 AM Opening Case Study: How to Incorporate Student Accommodation in Your Campus Master Plan

With an average 17,000 enrolled students per year and 8000 acres of land, Stanford University is regularly finding ways to innovate their student accommodation spaces. Cathy Deino Blake, Stanford University’s Director of Campus Planning and Design, is aware of the importance of creating an ideal residential experience for their students which incorporates innovative programming and living spaces to improve student life. 

It is here Cathy will open the conference with a discussion of the university’s plans to integrate student accommodation into the masterplan within their 800-acre Central Campus area 

  • Including student accommodation in the campus masterplan to drive strategic goals
  • Updating Stanford’s infrastructure and policies to create a safe space for all students living on campus
  • Creating innovative solutions within student residences to inspire students to learn 
  • Creating a sense of community within distinct areas

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Cathy Deino.

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